Road Trip

Well it has been a while since I have posted. Life has sure been busy here in Noblesville. Hard to believe today is the last day of school for the 2012-2013 school year. Peyton and Carter are very active in baseball this year. I think Eddie and the kids spend more time at the baseball field then they do at home…. I don’t think any of them would have it any other way. Even kailyn enjoys her time at the fields- making friends and getting loved on by the parents with no girls 🙂 Baseball has been very different this year for Peyton. He has to deal with a lot more losses and little less focus from some of his teammates. He has made some great plays at the plate as the catcher and loves spending his time at that position. Cater is doing coach pitch so everyone bats and there are no outs. This is difficult for Carter to comprehend; he loves to keep score and knows there should be outs. All in all he is having fun. Kailyn has set her sights on gymnastics and spending time with her friends this summer.

<img src="IMG_5336” alt=”Block at the plate” />

We just got home from celebrating my little brother Mike’s wedding in Florida. All three of us kids are married now– when did we get so old? Carter, Kailyn and I drove down with Nana & Grandpa. That was a exciting experience for the kids. I must say the kids are expert travelers. I am so grateful to Peyton’s pediatrician. She told us when Peyton was 4 weeks old “if you are going to travel start the kids early,” we have done just that and our kids travel like champs. Thanks to Grandpa and Nana for letting us hitch a ride with you!!! It was exciting to have the two kids with me there to see their Uncle get married. It was the first wedding for both of them to attend (Kailyn was 6 weeks at Danny’s and does not remember it). I think we are going to have to worry about Kailyn as she gets older- she was very interested in the “party boats” at one of the beaches we went to. She was also quite the little dancer at the reception. Carter took his role as my date very seriously- did not even like his sister dancing with me 😉


Before the wedding we went to a local beach with Uncle Danny, Auntie Steph, Audrey, Patrick and Grandpa Maxwell. This was lots of fun for the kids. The water was crystal clear and nice and warm- it was even more warm then the pool at the hotel. Kailyn and Carter really enjoyed their time with Grandpa and their family. Before we knew it, it was time to head back and get ready for the wedding!


The day after the wedding we spent the day with Uncle Danny, Auntie Steph, Audrey, and Patrick- we went to the southernmost point in the USA. There were plenty of bridges that I had the pleasure of driving over. We walked around in Key West for a little bit. We all had lunch at the Waldorf Astoria, with some beautiful views! I was able to have a Cuban sandwich the closest to Cuba I may ever get. After lunch we went to the butterfly conservatory, much cooler than you might think. The kids really enjoyed their time with their cousins.



Don’t forget you can “click” on more photos to see even more photos of our trip and things!!
Talk to you soon!



Now that’s what I call a family dinner

Hard to believe that Easter has already come and gone for the year. Every time I say something like that I feel just a little bit older.
Granted it was not 80 this year but Easter was just as enjoyable. Nana decided to come down to have her first sleepover with us. The kids were so excited to have her back down here- even if it was for only one night. Nana and the kids were able to decorate Easter eggs and spend some much needed snuggle time together before they headed off to bed and the Bunny decided to show up in Noblesville.

Easter morning we had a light breakfast and headed off to church. It was so nice to have mom go with us. The kids were super excited to show Nana their church. Carter did not even go to his service and went to the adult service to be with Nana. I ran into some friends I have not seen since we moved back- great to see them. As usual, pastor Tim did an exceptional job. Just love being back at our church.

Eddie was in charge of dinner- let’s be serious when is he not? I cannot remember the last time I had to make dinner for us. I am one lucky girl 🙂 We decided on ham. He and I are not big fans of it but I knew if he made the ham we were already one step in the right direction. I was correct, the ham was amazing. I may actually eat ham again, maybe not even on a holiday.

Speaking of dinner growing up in my house dinner was an event unlike anything I have ever seen replicated. My friends loved coming over- as no topic or story was ever left untouched. I have always wanted dinners like that again and finally after having moved out 12.5 years ago had one on Easter. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. Everyone participated in the conversation/laugh fest. Even though it was just the six of us it was so alive and fun!! Dinner in our home was an event!! I had a moment where all I could think was “this is it Lisa, count your blessings because you are truly blessed.” I hope our dinners continue down the path of being the events, we will talk about these dinners as the kids get older like we did in my family. It was such an enjoyable dinner. This was the first time I relaxed about my kids getting older and was not sad.

We also went on to celebrate the Birthday that goes on for months- Kailyn. I really don’t think she wants it any other way. She loves the fact she has weeks not days to celebrate her! We did a DQ ice cream cake- starting this fall I will go back to making cakes. I feel so bad for not making any of their cakes this past year- but hey they are fine so I guess I should be too!

Talk soon,

Easter 2013

Dear Spring, Please show up!

I don’t know about you but I am just about over this cold winter. This time last year it was 70 degrees and sunny. I am glad we left Chicago when we did- having missed snow. But, rumor has it we may be in for up to 14 inches early next week. 😦 Peyton has not been able to practice outside for baseball yet because it has been so cold. Carter will be starting coach pitch after Easter and I am really hoping the weather breaks soon.

Kailyn and Carter have been fighting a cold here. She missed school on Monday but seems to be doing better each day. One day last week 95 kids were absent from Peyton & Kailyn’s school. I was off today and Carter was still coughing really bad so I asked him what would make him feel better and he said “Downtown Cafe.” It is actually called “Uptown Cafe,” yet since he was little he has called it that so that name has stuck. So he and I jumped in the car and headed off for a Mommy & Carter day in downtown Noblesville. It was so much fun, and his cough went away by the end of the day. We ended our Mommy & Carter day our favorite way – nap time 🙂

I have been working tons and have felt bad for not being home so I decided to make the kids smooshie cookies (also known as chocolate chip cookies) today. You would have thought I gave them a million dollars. It has been a while since I have baked for them. Guess I have to do that more often. I was asked to help interview some managers at our Carmel store this past week- love interviewing people so interesting to see what drives people and see if they are a good fit for our company. I will be going to Ft. Wayne later this week Friday to help a manager out and interview a candidate for our Ft. Wayne store. I love being asked to go help at different stores, so much fun!!

I am super excited to have this weekend off with my family. Peyton has baseball practice and Sunday is church- other than that it will be great to do nothing 🙂 I plan on enjoying a weekend of watching Downton Abby with Kailyn since my boys and Eddie will be busy with March Madness. Kailyn & I love March Madness for our own reasons, none of which are basketball. Hope all is well with all of you! Talk to you soon!

Nothing like Uptown

Yeah for boxes!!

What a wonderful few weeks we have back here in Noblesville. Just last week our POD was “delivered.” Just a little advise if you are moving out of state- do not use PODS they charge way too much to relocate your stuff. We are happy to have all our belongings once again, even if we are still unpacking a week later. I will say though, it is nice to have our dining room table again, I really missed sitting for dinners. Never thought that I’d say I miss my vacuum but I was so happy to see my Dyson unloaded I almost did a happy dance! Signs I am a grown up now, right? Peyton said this is finally starting to look like a house 😉 Today was wonderful- 68 degrees and I had the day off! We were able to get back to church at White River; so nice to see so many friends. Peyton had baseball practice, we ran some errands and even unpacked a little more. Eddie was even able to grill and make homemade hamburger buns for dinner. Basically it was a storybook Sunday today.

Peyton is really enjoying his new baseball team and school. He just completed the I-STEP (think I-SAT in Illinois). We won’t get the results for a few weeks. When he took the standardized tests in IL last fall he exceeded in all subjects – Peyton is looking for a repeat with those results 😉 He has made friends with kids in the neighborhood. Our door is constantly ringing for a game of pick up football. So wonderful to have kids who play outside!!

Kailyn’s birthday is turning into a month long celebration- I think she likes it that way. Our stuff was still in storage so I was unable to make her birthday cake, so we are celebrating on Easter with a birthday cake for desert. She has requested a tie-dye birthday cake, this should be a fun one to make. Kailyn just got her ears re-pierced with her birthday money. She was so brave, no tears! So proud of her!!

Carter is Eddie’s big helper. Eddie has been able to work more from home so Carter has been spending time with Eddie durning the day. Carter has been bringing boxes upstairs and helping unpack. He is still our comic relief. Just today out of no where he picked up the gallon of milk and just started drinking out of it. We were all so stunned we could not help but laugh. He says his job is to make us laugh. He cannot wait for the weather to stay nice so we can get to Forest Park for Mommy & Carter days (I can’t wait too).

Work has been fabulous for me. The Indy district has been so helpful and supportive. This week I will be headed up to Grand Rapids MI to help relocate a store. I love the traveling and assisting in different stores, so excited that my district manager is allowing me to go out and do that even though I have only been back in town for a little over 4 weeks. I am not too sure how many people go to work loving their job, but I sure do 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you and hope to talk to you soon!
Oh Boxes!

Welcome Home

We are quickly getting settled here in Noblesville. We are about ten minutes from our old home in Noblesville. The home we have is less than one year old and backs right up to a farm! They are still building in our subdivision! Our home is four bedrooms and we are really happy.

The kids started school right away. It is not the same one they were in before. This school is brand new, just opened in August 2012. A few of Kailyn’s friends from White River are here with her! She was super excited to see them. Peyton has made the Noblesville travel baseball team! We are so proud of him! He has some kids from White River on his team so he is feeling like he is home. Carter is loving having mommy all to himself for our special mommy and Carter days! Soon we will be going to his favorite restaurant Uptown Cafe!!

Our New Home!!

January 2013

Here are a few pictures of this past January! You will see that the kids and I went to Chicago. This was Peyton & Kailyn’s first experience on a train. All three kids had the experience of catching a cab and heading over to Navy Pier. Thanks to Aunt Amanda and for free passes to the Children’s Museum, the kids had a blast! We had to make sure we got Garett’s Popcorn before we headed back to Downers Grove! I am also in the process of getting a flickr account setup so you can see more pictures at one time 🙂


Navy Pier

New Year New Start

Well what an amazing year 2012 was for us! Peyton made the travel baseball team, Kailyn learned to ride a bike, Carter started T-Ball, and Eddie mastered grilling on the Big Green Egg – which landed him his own blog. On top of all that great news I was able to open 4 new DSW’s one of which was my own in Gurnee. Eddie and the kids packed the house and headed to Chicago to support me. Thanks for the unconditional support!!

Now it’s 2013 and time for a new start! So long Facebook and hello blogging. In the new year I promised myself to make this the best year it could possibly be and filling my days with only positive thoughts will help me achieve this! So I kicked the Facebook addiction to the curb and figured if people really wanted to know how I am they can read the blog or better yet- call or text 🙂 Eddie and I have also committed ourselves to taking care of our health and that means a lifestyle overhaul! The first few days were rough but now even the kids are getting in on it!

So this little blog will keep you up to date on the kids and our life here in Noblesville Indiana. Sometimes it may just be photos of three kids – perfectly candid. We really love our home and in one short week being back it feels like we never left- Indiana is home for us and our journey is beginning to take shape here. We love all of you and miss you much but know our doors and arms are always open to welcome you!